Do you feel like you and your partner are speaking totally different languages when it comes to what you want in the bedroom? 

Or worse, don't even know what to say so NO words are spoken? 

🔥 This cycle of frustration ends NOW. 🔥

One of the greatest challenges I see for the women + couples that I work with in the realm of s-x and intimacy is that they’re butting heads in their sexual connection. They’re showing up having two different, unique, very personal operating systems trying to make sense of the seemingly “simple” world of sexual drive + arousal.

And they’re wondering why they’re struggling with a low libido, she can’t get out of her head when they’re having sex, faking orgasms because she can’t ever really get ALL the way there, he’s wanting to explore new things but she’s not sure, and the list goes on.

For some of the women I work with, things are good. Heck, for some they’re great. For others, the fire in the bedroom is barely flickering.. like a candle when it gets to the very bottom. The women I talk to are wanting better. They’re desiring EXCEPTIONAL sex lives. 

They’re craving exploration, play, and have a curiosity for understanding their sexuality more. For understanding more about THEIR OWN operating system. They want MORE.

Trust me - I feel you on a soul level. I see your curiosity, your yearning for being understood. I see you feeling disconnected from or frustrated with your body at times. You just want your body to keep up with what your soul wants. Your heart wants him, but your brain talks you out of it. 

“WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?” “What is wrong with me!?” 😩 << Questions I used to ask myself often. 

I wanted sex SO bad. I was insanely turned on by my husband and think he’s the hottest thing to walk this planet. My soul was crying out to feel him, to connect with him, to experience immense pleasure + bliss with him… but my brain and my body couldn’t get on board.

That was, until I learned about the different erotic blueprints that we all are wired with. I’ve studied them, I’ve experienced them, I’ve worked with my clients on them, and I’ve embodied them. I learned MY blueprint and my husband’s blueprint, and what all went into that. And just like that - things started to shift. I was blown AWAY. (Hence why I’m being certified in the blueprints through the woman who created them.) 

And now, I want to share them with YOU. 😍

I often have my friends and clients take a blueprint quiz to learn what their blueprint is.
They take the quiz and then the next question is always: “OKAY BUT NOW WHAT!?”

So today: I present to you the answer to that very question.

ENTER: “AROUSED - The Masterclass” 👅

In this 90-Minute Masterclass, I’ll help you discover your sexual turn on’s + turn off’s for increased sex drive, pleasure, and sexual nourishment.

What I’ll share with you inside this class has the potential to help you unlock your codes to:

— Understanding your sexuality on a deeper level
— Deeper connection + intimacy with your partner
— Greater sexual satisfaction and nourishment
— Reignited passion inside the bedroom + out
— More sex + even better sex
— Release shame around sex + your sexuality
— True acceptance - realizing you’re not broken + there is nothing wrong with you
— Feeling seen + understood sexually for possibly for the first time
— Feeling sexually alive & turned ON

I’m SO excited to share this magic with you and give you a taste of what’s truly possible in your sex life when you tap into what makes you YOU, and your partner does the same. Magic, magic, magic. Gahhhh I can’t wait! I’ll see you inside! 💫


What’s included when you grab your seat:

  • Lifetime access to this 90-minute masterclass (both audio AND video version)

  • The opportunity to private message me up to 3 questions after you watch the class (answers will be sent within 72 hours)

  • A special discount code to book a SINGLE 60-minute private session with me for $111 (normally $222)

What’s NOT included:

  • Private coaching outside of the 3 questions, without purchasing a session or coaching package with me

  • The option to share the class with anyone who has not purchased it


REFUND POLICY: Your satisfaction with my coaching is important to me. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and providing this service to you, I have a no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you understand and acknowledge all sales are final, and no refunds will be provided at any time.