Welcome to… YOUR next level of passion, connection, intimacy, fire, love, magnetism, divinity, & sensuality. ✨✨

As a Sex & Success Coach for entrepreneurial women, I want to show you how your sex life is DIRECTLY correlated to the success that you create and magnetize in your business. By turning yourself on - you have the power to change the trajectory of your relationship, your business, your life, and the lives of all of those you come in contact with.

Sure, you’ve seen success in your business. And DAMN do I celebrate & rally behind you in your brilliance and magic you exude in everything you do.

But what if I told you that you can experience that same energy of success, celebration, & almost HIGH feeling in the bedroom too?

Maybe you’re a control freak in your business (boss vibes AF) but being a control freak in the bedroom is NOT working for you (cough I’ve totally been there 😅).

I want you to let GO, to be able to surrender & release in the bedroom. I want you to feel what it’s like to be fully turned ON. And I’m not just talking sexually (although yes, that’s a part of it), I’m talking about this orgasmic energy that surges through your veins as a woman. It’s the source of life, creation, and power. It’s innate within you. It’s just reclaiming what is already yours.

You’ll walk into a room fully clothed & your energy alone will turn heads. You’ll be experienced & FELT by your presence alone.

Your relationships will be different.
Your business will be different.
Your LIFE will be different.

It’s like everything becomes clearer, a hell of a lot simpler, and you elevate into a whole new frequency.

My intention is to help you reclaim your sensuality, reawaken your innate orgasmic energy, & reignite your sex life; all while making quantum leaps in your business.

What does that mean??

Easiest, quickest way to explain it: I want to teach you how to have drunk sex sober.

You know the feeling…

You’re a few drinks into the evening and you lock eyes with your man across the table.

Your fingers are entangled, you’re biting your lip, feeling flushed as you play out in your mind where you hope the night will go. 

You feel this surge of energy between you two and you’re feeling pulled to him, it’s like you can’t possibly wait any longer.

You head into the bedroom and it’s as if everything within you awakens.

Your inner wild woman is dying to come out to play…

You excuse yourself for a minute, change Into the risqué lingerie you bought when you first got together but haven’t worn in far too long, you slip on your sexiest heels you didn’t even remember you had, you spritz on your favorite perfume, and rustle your hair in the mirror as you step back & take in how hot you look.

You’re not thinking about how bloated you are from the bread basket, or how you’re due for a wax this week, or the fact that you have a to-do list 18 miles long.

NOTHING else matters.

You’re hot, you’re turned on, and you don’t have a care in the world.

You smile at yourself in the mirror and meet him in the bedroom fully confident & ready for whatever the night’s going to bring.

Zero inhibitions.
Zero stress.
Not a care in the world.

THAT is the kind of sex I want more couples to have. THAT is the feeling I want more women to experience SOBER.

Sure, tequila CAN give you that vibe. But what if you could forego the alcohol & embody this wild woman WITHOUT it?

What if you could access her confidence, power, & energy at any given time?

It’s like a whole unleveled experience when you’re FULLY present, aware, clear, and IN the energy of what’s happening between you two. It’s about being INTENTIONAL - NOT about being intoxicated.

And I want to teach you just that.

How to have drunk sex - but totally 100% sober.

If any of this is speaking to you, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

You and me, together inside my private high level 1:1 coaching container, will work together to make this your reality.
To get clear, get focused, and empower you to rise to the freaking TOP in a way that feels so damn good for you.

I only work with a very small handful of private clients in this way so that I can be laser focused on YOU & your goals, and your life.
And you’ll have my FULL attention even between coaching calls.

It’s you & me, ALL THE WAY IN.

This is not for everyone and to be considered for one of the few spots I have available - you must be committed, driven, ambitious, and READY to do the work & follow through on your word EVEN when it’s not always convenient.

What would it mean to you if this year included you celebrating an upgrade in ALL areas of your life, relationship, business, AND the bedroom?

Your elevation awaits. ✨✨

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If anything I've said so far has hit you in the gut, I’d love to chat. And that’s why I offer 1-Hour Coaching Consults for anyone who is serious about getting started IF we decide we’re a good fit. I charge a $222 one-time fee for this call. In our time together, I will coach you on whatever topic you would love to dig into and we will talk more about the details of my style of coaching. I can also answer any questions you have on my coaching series & any hesitations you might have about working with a coach. These calls are completely private + confidential which means what happens in our conversation STAYS between us always - no one even has to know we’re chatting if you choose to keep it that way. And yes, this would be the first step in our coaching relationship, but it in no way commits you to going any further than this 1-hour call. 

Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you an email and we can set up a time to meet from there. I’m so looking forward to getting to know you more and seeing if there’s any way I can serve you in this season!

— Olivia