Welcome to your next level of passion, connection, intimacy, fire, love, magnetism, divinity, & sensuality. ✨✨

I see SO many successful, badass, powerhouse women who are SLAYING the game but still feel like something is missing.

You’re doing all the RIGHT things. You’re seeing insane success & celebration… but there’s a whisper in your ear that THIS is off.

The “THIS” being your sex life and owning the power of your sexuality.

A lot of these women KNOW it’s important, and in the midst of the sexual awakening we’re in - she sees other women telling her it’s important. She should have the yoni egg, she needs to own her sensuality, she needs to be having more passionate sex with her partner because it affects how she shows up in her business, the list goes on...

But yet hundreds of thousands of women don’t feel like they’re THERE.

They feel like they’re not normal, and for some - almost like they’re broken. Like something is wrong with them because they’re not quite sure what some of this means or they’re not sure HOW. They even feel a little ashamed that they’re not “better” at this.

And hear my heart when I say this to you: I know you and I see you. I FEEL this on a soul level with you because I WAS you. I ignored my sex life and my lack of sexual desire for YEARS. I half-assed it, and thank God my husband is a saint and stood by me through it all, but I don’t want this to have to be YOUR story any longer. I pretended like everything was fine. I acted as if I was totally okay with not knowing my body. I acted as if I didn’t need sex & thought something was wrong with me because I had convinced myself that was my truth.

So how do you bring yourself back to being FIRST? 

That’s where I come in and we work together to help you COME first. In all the ways. 😉 #punintended

I’m inviting you into my world so I can share with you about why it doesn’t work that you’re not letting sexuality be a part of your world.

Not necessarily to become this dominatrix sex machine (although hell YES I’m cheering you on if this is where you want to go too). But building a solid foundation in this world: to learn how your vagina even works, to discover who you are as a sexual & erotic being, how to take care of your pussy, and how to say the word without cringing and throwing up a little bit in your mouth. 

I help you take your power back in the realm of your sexuality and show you why & HOW it needs to be a healthy part of who you are. It’s time to learn how to put yourself first. Because trust me when I say this: you can’t live a balanced life & run a sustainable business if you come last >> and yes I mean that literally AND physically.

I feel confident in holding space for entrepreneurs because I AM one. I’ve been building businesses for almost 5 years and I’ve played with all of this through first hand experience & integration.

It’s time to SEAL up this energy leak that’s keeping you feeling like SOMETHING is missing, like something is wrong with you. It’s like trying to fill a bathtub without the plug in… it’s never going to fill. You won't ever have the success you deeply desire when there’s something inside you saying *well what about this?*

It’s time to go all in and explore this side of you that’s crying out to be heard. That’s begging to come alive. It’s time to let our curiosity & desire lead the way… to play with this part of ourselves that we’re dying to uncover. And in turn - to reach new levels of success in all areas of our lives.

If any of this is speaking to you, then THIS IS FOR YOU.

You and me, together inside my private high level 1:1 coaching container, will work together to make this your reality.
I only work with a very small handful of private clients in this way so that I can be laser focused on YOU & your goals, and your life.
And you’ll have my FULL attention even between coaching calls.

It’s you & me, ALL THE WAY IN.

This is not for everyone and to claim one of the few spots I have available - you must be committed, driven, ambitious, and READY to do the work & follow through on your word EVEN when it’s not always convenient.

My areas of brilliance when working with clients include but are not limited to: how to have drunk sex sober, relationships, intimacy, overcoming shame, healing, sex, sexuality & sensuality based on the INDIVIDUAL vs what society tells us is “sexy”, confidence, feminine embodiment, energy, body image, healing the sister wound, and feminine-based business (healing from burnout & the masculine hustle).

No matter what we specifically focus on in our time together, my clients often describe our work together as if they’ve come back home to themselves. It’s as if they’ve peeled back the layers and have activated the truest essence of who they are at their core before the world told them who they should be. It really is MAGIC. And it’s available for anyone to rediscover within themselves.

What would it mean to you if this year included YOU rising up to the next level of passion, connection, intimacy, fire, love, magnetism, divinity, & sensuality?

If any of this is turning you on, then I invite you to join me… Your awakening awaits. ✨✨

Currently, I offer 3 Different Coaching Options so that almost anyone has the opportunity to begin their personal transformation & awakening.

OPTION 1: (1) 75-Minute Coaching Session & 1 Week Of Follow Up Voice/Text Support

In our time together, I will coach you on whatever topic you would love to dig into and the 75 minutes can be focused on whateverrrrrrr your soul & intuition desires. These calls are completely private + confidential which means what happens in our conversation STAYS between us always - no one even has to know we’re chatting if you choose to keep it that way. I include 1 week of follow up support because I want to be able to support you as you process & integrate everything we uncover during the session to set you up for success.

Investment: $444


1-MONTH/4-WEEKS OF COACHING INCLUDING (2) Bi-Weekly 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions & Voice/Text Support In Between Calls
Investment: $1111 or (2) bi-weekly payments of $555


1-MONTH/4-WEEKS OF COACHING INCLUDING (4) Weekly 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions & Voice/Text Support In Between Calls
Investment: $1444 or (2) bi-weekly payments of $722


Please note: Options 2 & 3 are month-to-month contracts, so we can work together for 1 month, 11 months, or 100 months 😉 - whatever your soul calls you to! I know my clients know what is best for them, and I encourage you to trust your intuition always. I’m here to support you as long as it feels good for us both energetically and when you feel ready to move on, I support you fully.

OPTIONAL BONUS: If you do decide to commit to either a 3, 6, or 9 month 1:1 package (same pricing as above) then you will receive access to all group coaching programs I run during our time together for free (as well as unlimited access to my library of online courses while we work together).


Once I receive your payment, I’ll send you an email and we can set up our first call from there! If you’d like a payment plan, please message me on Instagram or Facebook (or email me at hello@oliviaseline.com) so I can send you the special link! And if you have any questions at all, or just are not sure WHICH option is best for you at this time, feel free to message me and we’ll discuss it further. I truly am so beyond happy & HONORED that you are here, and I am SO looking forward to supporting you in this season! We’ll talk soon!

All my love,