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Free Facebook Group

Welcome to a huge piece of my heart, gorgeous. I’m so happy that somehow you’ve ended up h e r e. 🖤✨ .

In this intimate space, we’ll talk openly & candidly about all things relationships, sex, money, business, & spirituality… and how & WHY I believe they’re all intertwined. I strongly believe that how you show up one is how you’ll show up in the other. So I felt called to create this safe space online to talk about it ALL, even the taboo, WITHOUT the filter.

The only rules are to not be an asshole and what happens inside the group, STAYS inside the group. ✌🏼

No screen-shotting or sharing anything that is talked about or shared. If I find out that happened, you’ll be kicked out immediately. And if you’re an asshole in any kind of way, #byefelicia. I won’t allow that kind of energy in this space, okay? Be nice, be loving, and let’s talk about the tough stuff KNOWING we will be meant with love & support always. Because that’s my vision for this group. And that’s what and WHY I’m holding space for here.

AND if you want to share something you’re not comfortable posting, send it to me in a DM and I will share *anonymously* here for you!

If you’re on board, then J O I N - H E R E. Again, I really am SO happy that you are here. 👯‍♀️

All my love,

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