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We’re curious (and YES, we know it’s taboo to talk about, but we feel that it needs to be) . . .

  • Have you ever felt out of alignment with a client? Or even your own coach?

  • Things were AMAZING, things were flowing, things felt insanely good & in sync… and then over time, it starts to fizzle? You can’t quite put your finger on it, no one has done anything “WRONG” and nothing bad happened… but you just feel OFF and can’t shake it?

  • Have you ever tried to have that talk (or maybe you even DID have that conversation) and it blew up in your face? Or was just the most awkward experience ever that still makes you want to throw up?

  • OR maybe you haven’t had to walk through this YET, but you know inevitably, one day, it will come and you’re so scared for that day?

Well, guess what? We’ve both been there. Both in OUR own client/coach relationship and with other clients we’ve worked with in our coaching businesses. And dear Lord, is it AWKWARD….

And not just awkward IN the conversation (heart racing, palms sweating, eek!), but let’s not even get STARTED on the “after life” of the relationship.


Well, if that’s YOU… we’re so glad that you’re here. Because we’re not only going to walk you through our process. But we’re also going to teach HOW to even know if it’s that time. Is it time to stick it out? Feel it out? Shift things? Or is it time to let go & be open to what comes next?


Either you're just beginning this coaching journey and you're seeking tools and skills to be the best coach you can be.

This isn't just about on-boarding clients, but also coming to terms with the reality that eventually your job is to let go of a client so that they can continue to grow.

Everyone serves a purpose in our lives, and time has nothing to do with being a “good” coach. A skilled coach knows when to honor the fizzle! When both you and a client cease to feel the alignment between you two, this is NOT a bad thing.

Learning to decipher when to hold on versus when to let go will serve a coach whether she's just beginning or if she's seasoned and desires to be well equipped with all phases of coaching relationships.

We want to show you HOW.
We want to help you navigate this fizzle with ease.

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When: The training was hosted live on 12/27, but the replay is available NOW for anyone who missed it!

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Who is hosting? Success & Lifestyle Mentor, Aislinn Walton, and Sensuality & Business Mentor, Olivia Seline.

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