This mastermind is an initial 4-month commitment beginning OCTOBER 1st 2019, then when your 4 months are up - you can continue on month-to-month with no contract if your soul is still feeling at home in this space, OR you can graduate & move on with our full support & celebration!

The *ACTIVATE* Mastermind

16 Weeks Of Reclamation, Re-wilding, + Reawakening

This 16-week mastermind is for the woman ready to unlock her feminine genius + activate her sexuality for
a vibrant intimate relationship, a steamy sex life, + effortless magnetism.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT limited to entrepreneurs. This is open to any woman who…

  • You’re ready to unravel + be seen, to be held as you crack open and explore the innermost parts of your soul.

  • You’re curious about + excited by what’s available to you as a woman in your power.

  • You feel this electricity running through you, and are dying to learn HOW to turn it ON, how to harness it, and let it create magic in your life.

  • You’re a total POWERHOUSE but are craving presence, slowing down, + softness >> but you’re terrified of what it looks like if you let go.

  • You’re craving sisterhood + a sacred space to explore who you are as a sexual being.

  • You’re super hard on yourself + you beat yourself up more than you’d like to admit.

  • You strive for perfection + “having it all together,” and it’s STILL never “enough.”

  • You are feeling “off” and can’t really put a finger on it… there’s something missing + you’re ready to find it.

  • You’re curious about your femininity + your power, but you’re afraid to unleash it fully.

  • You’ve never felt fully safe to be seen, heard, + experienced in your wholeness.

  • You want to have better sex, and want to be able to clearly communicate what it is that you desire in the bedroom.

  • You want to look in the mirror and actually LOVE what you see.

  • You’re exhausted by putting everyone else first, and are finally ready to admit that YOU have to come first.

  • You want to stop self-sabotaging + to fully experience the pleasure you KNOW is available to you.

  • You want to be able to fully express yourself as a feminine being WITHOUT losing your power or being seen as “weak.”

  • You want to learn how to trust yourself, how to trust your partner, and other women.

You’re tired of feeling suppressed in your power, you’re exhausted maintaining your “good girl” schtick, you’re curious about feminine energy but are terrified of letting go of control, and you can’t help but feel intrigued + excited to explore WHO you might be if you let your inner wild woman out to play… 

You want to feel at HOME in your body + your pleasure.
You are ready to feel alive, whole, and turned all the way ON.

This is your time.
You can feel it, you believe it, you KNOW it, and I know it.
Welcome home, Goddess. This is for you.


What's in store for these 16 weeks we'll spend together?

  • Personalized 1:1 attention in a mastermind setting

This means you get the best of BOTH worlds. I’ll hold you as we crack through the depths of your soul AND you’ll also have the collaborative energy from the other women inside the mastermind. Each participant will get 1:1 attention on every call.

We’ll explore a multitude of topics based on what the group is needing each week so this will be EXTREMELY personalized.

  • An intimate, private group chat on Whatsapp for coaching support, connection, celebration, & remote alchemical energy healing

  • 2-hour bi-weekly group sessions via zoom

Each call will include 30 minutes of teaching + then 90-minutes of a deep-dive conversation into said topic. Each participant will share what they’re celebrating and what/where they’d like to work on/grow in! These will be collaborative calls and you’ll also receive live coaching if you’re facing any challenges.

  • Exclusive energy healings with reiki masters, alchemical healers, & other forms of energy healing every other month inside the group

  • A private online membership portal with exclusive never-before-seen classes/special guest trainings/Q+A’s added throughout the 16 weeks

There will be a new class/training led by a special guest expert added each month (in addition to our 30 minute training at the beginning of each group call). This portal also includes access to 7 self-paced programs that you are able to take while you’re active inside the mastermind. Feel free to take any of the programs that resonate with where your soul is feeling called to grow in these 4 months. Q+A’s will be hosted as certain topics come up that the group is craving as a collective.

  • Special VIP pricing on all offers + programs that I launch during your time inside the mastermind

  • A sisterhood with the opportunity to create lifelong friendships with other powerful women

I think so often we get stuck behind our phones with little to no human contact… it’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts + feel lonely AF, am I right? In this safe space, you’ll find lifelong friendships with other women who have that same high vibe energy + unique magic that you do.

TOPICS OF INTEREST COULD INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Feminine embodiment + feminine wholeness

  • Masculine + feminine energies

  • Magnetism + abundance

  • Awakening your sexuality + sensuality

  • Healing shame around sexuality

  • Re-wilding + living untamed

  • Learning how to navigate being a woman

  • Upgrading in every area of life

  • Reclaiming your power/feminine empowerment

  • Healing feminine + sister wounds

  • Rise of the divine feminine AND the rise of the divine masculine

  • Both light AND dark goddesses

  • Harnessing your sexual energy + life force

  • Sex as a container for healing

  • Communication in the bedroom + outside of it

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT for everyone, and I will be accepting/hand-selecting only a super small handful of women (no more than 7 women inside this mastermind) that fit the energy + vibe I have dreamed of for this intimate gathering space. You’re each divine in your own way, and will be HAND-selected through an application process.

The MAGIC of a mastermind is that each soul is called to THIS specific, exclusive container. You’ll all be riding a similar wave length with similar struggles, and are wanting to go to similar places when you leave this mastermind.

If you’re READY to go all in, face your fears + hesitations around exploring the vulnerability of these topics, and are ready to step into your next level embodiment as a powerful woman - then I invite you to join me inside this sacred space.

TO APPLY: Message me on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll send the link over to you + we’ll take the next steps!

And of course, payment plans are always available so this will work for almost anyone who is feeling called. See payment options below.

Our femininity is powerful.
Our sensuality is magnetic.
Our sexuality is magic.
Our embodiment is orgasmic.

Coming together to create a sacred sisterhood + move through this work as a collective is transformational. It’s generational healing that starts with you. Life-changing in the most epic way.

I can already feel the women who are meant to be a part of this intimate experience… I can FEEL your heart, I can feel your YES, I can feel your magic. I’m so honored to hold space for you through this process. If you're feeling the pull... I see you + I'll talk with you soon.

all my love,

If you're ALL IN, and are willing to dive DEEP for these 16 weeks, and are able to invest in this program - here are your options:

Includes everything detailed above in this 16-week mastermind


Includes everything detailed above in this 16-week mastermind

(1) 60-minute 1:1 deep-dive coaching session PER MONTH during the mastermind